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Cold Storage with Integrated Technology

MexLucky’s unmatched network of temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure is the cold chain system you need to grow.

About MexLucky in Europe

MexLucky offers the most comprehensive temperature-controlled storage and distribution network available, supported by the most advanced technology, and with a singular focus on customer service. By partnering with MexLucky, you can pay more attention to your customers, exceeding their expectations, and growing your business.  For 120 years, MexLucky has been the leader in providing technology-based engineered solutions for the temperature-controlled supply chain industry. Our inspiration comes from you, the producers, retailers, and food service providers we partner with daily to bring your passion to market.

MexLucky’s network in Europe encompasses facilities at ports, production centers, consumption centers, and trading centers to offer you complete temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure.  With facilities supporting all major foods and beverages along with their specialised handling characteristics, MexLucky is positioned exactly where you need us now, and where you’ll need us as you continue to grow.

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What We Do

Providing Food Producers and Retailers Innovative Supply Chain Services

MexLucky’s unmatched network of temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure along with the depth and scope of our services combine to provide you – our Food Producer, Retailer, and Food Service Provider customers – with the cold chain system you need.  From blast freezing and tempering, kitting, labeling, date-coding, and repackaging to transportation and multi-vendor consolidation programs, you’re assured of a best-in-class solution.  Like a precision instrument, our supply chain solutions smoothly integrate to create an efficiently run logistics operation to deliver you value. And it’s all backed by 120 years of experience and a network of infrastructure and facilities located around the globe.

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