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7 sneaky warning signs of a codependent relationship, according to relationship therapists

If you sometimes feel guilty about taking time for yourself instead of doing something for your partner, you could be in a codependent relationship.
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A dream specialist and psychotherapist team up to explain 6 reasons why you keep dreaming about your ex

"Let's say your ex was abusive and you keep dreaming of them. What part of you is still mistreating yourself and being unnecessarily cruel?" asks one expert.
Health 2022-08-09T17:22:25Z

9 ways to better communicate with someone you don't like, according to therapists

You may not like everyone you spend time with, but respectful communication can still serve you well. Try these tips to improve your interactions.
Health 2022-08-04T13:46:05Z

5 things more important than sex in a relationship, according to marriage counselors

Sex has a key role in many relationships, but quality time, positive interactions, and respect may do more to strengthen your bond over time.
Health 2022-07-25T19:22:54Z

The exact way to squeeze your pelvic muscles during sex for a super intense orgasm, according to a sex therapist

Kegels aren't just something you do on your own — using these exercises during sex can create a mind-blowing sensation for both you and your partner.
Health 2022-07-22T18:14:58Z

The 7 best condoms for every shape and size that are designed with pleasure in mind

Condoms help prevent pregnancies and STDs but proper fit is crucial. Here are the 7 best condoms for sensitivity, non-latex, and other needs.
Health 2022-07-20T21:29:32Z

12 ways to boost libido and improve your sex life

To increase your sex drive, reduce negative anticipation, practice body acceptance, and eat foods that boost libido.
Health 2022-07-20T21:27:33Z

Is sex addiction real? How to know if you have compulsive sexual behavior and when it may be problematic

Sex addiction is a type of compulsive behavior disorder that could be the sign of a more serious underlying mental health condition.
Health 2022-07-08T22:01:14Z

9 simple but telling green flags that prove you're in a great relationship, according to couples therapists

Supporting each other in hard times is great, but it's also crucial that life is simpler and "you feel your spirits are higher together," says one therapist.
Health 2022-07-08T21:57:59Z

8 steps to safely and conclusively end a toxic relationship, according to couples therapists

Leaving an unhealthy relationship involves planning ahead, asking your support system for help, and dealing with your own emotional confusion.
Health 2022-06-10T15:01:24Z

10 subtle but harmful patterns that indicate verbal abuse, according to therapists

If you're in a relationship with someone who guilts you into spending time with them or calls you names, you could be experiencing verbal abuse.
Health 2022-05-12T21:43:28Z

Why foot fetishes are so common and how to explore your sexual interests with a partner

Foot fetishes are relatively common with about 14% of people having at least one in their lifetime. Here we explain why that’s the case.
Health 2022-05-09T19:18:00Z

8 ways to give your partner an earth-shattering clitoral and vaginal orgasm

What you need to know about giving pleasure, from oral tips to the best sex positions for a G-spot orgasm.
Health 2022-05-03T16:53:40Z

10 fun and creative car sex positions to rev up your sex life

From the front seat to the back seat, these inventive car sex positions make use of all the space your vehicle has to offer.
Health 2022-04-29T16:55:51Z

Vaginal prolapse happens when your pelvic organs slip down, sometimes protruding out of the vagina

Over one-third of US women may have vaginal prolapse in their lifetime — here's what to expect and how to treat it.
Health 2022-04-18T14:08:53Z

If you have an 'outie' vulva, you're not alone — here's what it looks like and other vulva variations

The shape of the labia varies from person-to-person, but one study found that "outies" were the most common type.
Health 2022-04-15T18:08:00Z

A comprehensive, 8-step guide to successfully getting back together after a breakup

Relationship therapists say that you should be able to ask hard questions like "How will you keep from falling back into your old habits?"
Health 2022-04-13T18:34:47Z

How many calories does sex burn? What the research says and how to burn more

One study found that sex burns three to four calories per minute, but there are ways you can burn more.
Health 2022-04-08T20:36:39Z

Nearly 1 in 4 women are in an abusive relationship — here are 9 insidious signs and how to get help

Abuse doesn't always involve violence — it can also manifest as name-calling, controlling behavior, and more.
Health 2022-04-08T19:10:42Z

Relationship therapists explain 4 reasons why you've gotten ghosted and 4 ways to deal with it

In a 2020 study, the people who ghosted their dates said they did it because the other person was pushy, withheld info, and more.
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